Best Flat Light Ski Goggles

Best Ski Goggles 2020

Best Flat Light Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles 2020

Skiing or snowboarding in flat light, low light, snowy, and other variable conditions is unavoidable. Here at Skiing Sherpa, we are always equipped with a set of everyday and low light ski goggle lenses to ensure that our day isn’t ruined by unexpected clouds or precipitation. Below we’ve outlined our favorite lenses for these conditions:

Best Flat Light Goggle

Glade Challenger + Low Light Nova Lens (Buy Now)

Price: $93.99

We recommend pairing our best rated overall goggle (The Glade Challenger) with their specially designed Low Light Nova Lens. This is a killer combination and one that will keep you covered in everything from sunshine to white out conditions. We keep the Low Light Nova lens in our pocket and have found it to be versatile storm skiing lens of equal or higher quality than any other low light specific lens we have tested. Give it a shot!

  • Comfort: 99
  • Durability: 99
  • Lens Tech: 98
  • Range of Vision: 98
  • Affordability: 100

Honorable Mentions

Giro Vivid Infrared (Buy Now)

Price: $197

You know the feeling, cruising along down the slopes when all of a sudden clouds, fog, or snow rolls in and all of a sudden you are flying blind. A low light lens is an important part of any ski or snowboard arsenal. The Giro Vivid Infrared Lens is our favorite lens to cut through crappy conditions and illuminate the path ahead.

  • Comfort: 90
  • Durability: 87
  • Lens Tech: 88
  • Range of Vision: 91
  • Affordability: 90

Smith Chromapop Storm (Buy Now)

Price: $224

The Smith Chromapop Storm lens is the go-to low light or flat light lens on the Smith I/O model. You can always count on Smith to be one of the most dependable goggles on the market, and this lens technology is no different. We’ve had success with this lens in a number of conditions, and feel comfortable recommending it to any Smith I/O owner.

  • Comfort: 90
  • Durability: 91
  • Lens Tech: 96
  • Range of Vision: 96
  • Affordability: 85

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