Best Frameless Ski Goggles

Best Ski Goggles 2020

Best Frameless Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles 2020

Frameless ski goggles offer skiers and snowboarders a ton of advantages over their framed neighbors: most notable in peripheral vision and fit. The frameless design allows for a wider field of view, easier lens interchange systems, and a better fit with helmets. Our list of the best frameless goggles is outlined below:

Best Overall Goggle

Glade Challenger (Buy Now)

Price: $93.99

With premium goggles all affordably priced, Glade has taken the ski goggle industry by storm. The Glade Challenger offers low light, photo-chromatic, and polarized lens options to ensure that you are covered in any conditions. We recommend this goggle to anyone looking for premium comfort and durability at a killer price point. We’ve been blown away by the innovation provided here by Glade, and we find that the Challenger goggle checks all the boxes, and then some.

  • Comfort: 99
  • Durability: 99
  • Lens Tech: 98
  • Range of Vision: 98
  • Affordability: 100

Honorable Mentions

Oakley Flight Deck (Buy Now)

Price: $197

The Oakley Flight Deck is a classic goggle, one that has withstood the test of time in the industry. We came away impressed with wide range of peripheral vision and ease of interchangeable lenses. With a crisp look, the frameless Flight Deck is a great option for the discerning skier or snowboarder.

  • Comfort: 89
  • Durability: 92
  • Lens Tech: 91
  • Range of Vision: 91
  • Affordability: 85

Dragon X1(Buy Now)

The Dragon X1 offers a nice balance of performance and style in the frameless ski goggle category. The sleek design is loaded with features including vents, anti-fog treatment, and a wide range of peripheral vision. We recommend these goggles for anyone looking for a stealth aesthetic out on the mountain.

  • Comfort: 92
  • Durability: 91
  • Lens Tech: 90
  • Range of Vision: 90
  • Affordability: 84

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