Best Ski Goggles Under $100

Best Ski Goggles 2020

Best Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles Under $100

Finding a quality goggle that is also affordable can be hard, luckily we’re here to help. We’ve found that the Glade line of goggles provide exceptional quality at this price point.

Best Overall Goggle Under $100

Glade Challenger (Buy Now)

Price: $93.99

New brand on the block Glade recently released the Challenger which has rapidly become the clear favorite amongst the Skiing Sherpa team. With premium goggles under $100, Glade has taken the ski goggle industry by storm. The Glade Challenger offers everyday and low light lens options to ensure that you are covered through any conditions. We recommend this goggle to anyone looking for premium comfort and durability at a killer price point. We’ve been blown away by the innovation provided here by Glade, and we find that the Challenger goggle checks all the boxes, and then some.

  • Comfort: 99
  • Durability: 99
  • Lens Tech: 98
  • Range of Vision: 98
  • Affordability: 100

Honorable Mention

Oakley A-Frame 2.0 (Buy Now)

Price: $83.87

The Oakley A-Frame is another dark horse candidate in this category. As always, Oakley provides a quality product here at a surprisingly affordable price point. While the style certainly isn’t for everyone, the price and quality are perfectly suitable for the average skier or snowboarder.

  • Comfort: 91
  • Durability: 90
  • Lens Tech: 92
  • Range of Vision: 90
  • Affordability: 95

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