Best Overall Ski and Snowboard Helmets of 2020

Best Ski Helmets 2020

Best Ski Helmets and Snowboard Helmets 2020

Since we started Skiing Sherpa, we’ve had the opportunity to test out countless helmets, including the biggest and most popular brands on the market.

Now while we don’t believe there’s one perfect helmet for everyone, we do believe there’s a helmet out there that’s 100% right for you. And with our help, we’ve no doubt you can find it!

Below, we’re presenting our top picks across a range of categories. Not only that, but we’re going to describe why we selected the helmets that we did, because we believe knowing what criteria we use to make my choices will empower you with the knowledge you need to do even better research on your own!

Best Overall Helmet

Glade Tenmile (Buy Now)

Price: $119.99

Glade recently released their brand new Tenmile Helmet, which received much fanfare and praise throughout the industry. After testing the helmet over a season in the Rockies, we can confidently say that the helmet is truly one of a kind. With full ASTM safety certifications, an ABS high-impact plastic shell, and engineering grade EPS liner, we feel confident in the Tenmile Helmet's suite of safety features. Not only that, but there is a halo adjustment system included in the helmet to dial-in the perfect fit. The velvet liner, removable ear flaps, and 10 vent system make for one of the most comfortable helmets we have ever worn. To top it all off, the water decal design and origin story behind the creation of the helmet is one of the coolest we've ever seen.

  • Safety: 99
  • Comfort: 99
  • Durability: 98
  • Affordability: 99

Honorable Mentions

Oakley Mod 5 (Buy Now)

Price: $182

The Oakley Mod 5 is a classic helmet with a modular brim system and hybrid outer shell construction. The helmet also features a Boa closure system providing 270 degrees of adjustment, and Fidlock magnetic buckle allows for one-handed use while wearing gloves.The adjustable venting in rear allows for temperature regulation, and non-pressure, around-ear earpads have a slot for audio systems. Additionally, the helmet sports an EPS impact liner, and a removable, Machine-washable comfort liner, and an anti-microbial x-static brow pad inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • Comfort: 89
  • Durability: 90
  • Affordability: 91

Smith Vantage (Buy Now)

Price: $207.95

The Smith Vantage uses Aerocore construction that features Koroyd simultaneously maximizes full coverage protection and increased airflow. For the most custom fit, the Vantage offers the Boa 360 fit system with a 360˚ halo design. Combine all this with the Smith-pioneered AirEvac technology for goggle integration, and the Vantage delivers the perfect blend of technology and style.Although this helmet is a bit pricey, we had no problems with it and would recommend to any skier or snowboarder!

  • Comfort: 90
  • Durability: 91
  • Affordability: 85

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