Best Ski Goggle Brands 2024

Best Ski Goggle Brands 2024

Shopping for the perfect pair of ski goggles can be an overwhelming experience. There are a ton of different features to consider, all kinds of color options to choose from, and a bunch of different brands that you may not be familiar with.

Even if you’re not a very picky shopper, ski goggles can be a significant investment, and getting the wrong pair can seriously affect your performance on the slopes. It’s best to do your due diligence so you know you’re making the right purchase when you’re in the market for eyewear.

To make things a little easier, we’re going to take a look at some of our current favorite ski goggle brands, from some heavy hitters in the industry to an up-and-comer that has been setting itself apart. We’ll give you a quick overview of each company and a brief look at some of our favorite ski goggles they currently have to offer.

If you need to brush up further on what makes a great pair of ski goggles, take a look at our buying guide!

Glade Optics

Remember that up-and-comer we mentioned earlier? The one that’s been setting itself apart from the rest of the industry with great products at great prices? That’s Glade Optics.

This independent company operates out of Breckenridge, Colorado, but also has some of its roots in Vermont. They’re one of a very few direct-to-consumer companies for ski goggles around -- yet another thing that sets them apart from the rest.

Glade Optics seeks to bring the best features in ski goggles down to a price point that’s palatable to the everyday ski enthusiast. Things like photochromic or interchangeable lenses are often features of goggles that come in at nearly $200 or more. With Glade Optics, you can have it all for $150or less. No brand-name tax -- just high quality, attractive goggles that won’t drain your bank account.

Glade Optic’s Best Ski Goggles

Adapt 2

The Adapt bumps up the price slightly, but adds a ton of value with a photochromic lens that adjusts to light conditions to give you any where from 30 to 84% VLT. If you happen to come across another similarly priced pair of photochromic ski goggles that are this incredible, please let us now!

Glade Optics’s Best Ski Goggles

Glade Optics’s Best Ski Goggles

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Full disclosure: Glade has only been around since 2016, so these are not just their best goggles — they are also their only goggles. Not to worry, though, because they are all fantastic selections, and each one has something unique to offer. We highly recommend giving them a look if you’re in the market for some new eyewear. The company also makes great helmets!


The most affordable goggles from Glade are very affordable. At $93.99, you’d be hard-pressed to find another pair that offers as much as these do. They’re frameless and feature-packed, and they come in 5 different VLT percentages, ranging from 8.4% to 25.4%. These are easily one of our favorite pairs of goggles this year.


The Adapt bumps up the price slightly, but adds a ton of value with a photochromic lens that adjusts to light conditions to give you anywhere from 30 to 84% VLT. If you happen to come across another similarly priced pair of photochromic ski goggles that are this incredible, please let us know!


As the newest addition to the Glade Optics line, the MagFlight are some of the most aesthetically pleasing goggles we’ve ever reviewed. They don’t just look great, either — they have all kinds of features, including an easy-to-use magnetic lens interchange system that makes them the most versatile option that Glade Optics currently offers

Smith Optics’s Best Ski Goggles

Smith Optics’s Best Ski Goggles

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Smith Optics has a huge array of different ski goggles to choose from, so narrowing it down to just three won’t necessarily do the brand the justice it deserves. It will, however, give you a decent idea of what they’ve got to offer. If you’re interested in these, then go ahead and take a look at their full catalog.


You can find ski goggles from Smith Optics that push all the way up into the $300 range, and you can find ones that are as cheap as $40. We like the Squad model a lot because it’s right around the middle ($110). You’ll be getting plenty of necessary features, but you won’t go broke along the way.


The Skyline model looks stunning and performs equally well. It has all the features you need, including anti-fog coating, triple-layer moisture-wicking face foam, and awesome Chroma Pop technology. They’re a great option for anyone in need of medium or Asian fit goggles.


The I/O Mag is one of the most popular goggles around. You’ll often find them on best of 2021 lists, including some of ours. They’re just a fantastic pair of goggles. Highlights include their quick-use magnetic lens change system and their patented ChromaPop tech, which is designed to sharpen contrast and make visual details on the trail pop.

Oakley’s Best Ski Goggles

Oakley’s Best Ski Goggles

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As we said, Oakley simply makes great products. They’re likely to make it onto just about any list of the best ski goggles of any kind. Here are just a few of their products that we particularly like. If you’re interested in these, be sure to check out the rest!

Flight Deck

These jumbo-sized frameless lenses will have you nearly seeing out of the back of your own head with the range of vision they have to offer. The incredible look of these goggles combined with the array of performance features they include is why they’ve made more than one of our lists this year.

Flight Tracker

With Oakley products, you always get high quality, but you also get it at high prices…most of the time. The Flight Tracker goggles are a great selection for a fairly reasonable price ($130), which is why we have to mention them here.

No, they won’t be making any best goggles under $100 lists any time soon, but compared to many of the other products from this brand, they’re a total bargain.


These are some super high-quality ski goggles with all of the bells and whistles you might be looking for. Various patented technologies, interchangeable lenses, all kinds of UV protection, extra padding for extra comfort, optional glare reduction, and tuned light transmission…they truly have it all.

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